Version Download
Minecraft 1.20.3 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.19 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.18 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.17 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.16 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.15 Data Pack
Resource Pack
Minecraft 1.14.3 Data Pack
Resource Pack

How to use

  1. Download the data pack and resource pack for your Minecraft version.
  2. Add the data pack to your world.
    • Open your world's folder.
    • Select your world
      Open World Folder
    • Drag the data pack zip from your Downloads folder to the datapacks folder in your world.

  3. Equip the resource pack.
    • Go to the resource packs screen.
    • Options...
      Resource Packs...
    • Drag the resource pack zip from your Downloads folder onto the screen.
    • Yes
    • Move the pack from Available to Selected
    • Select the pack
  4. Enter your world and enjoy!



Current 1.20 version
+ All 1.20 items
+ All 1.21 experimental items
+ Use "fallback" feature instead of old translation-detection trick
+ Fixed artifacts in some mangrove block textures

Current 1.19 version
+ All 1.19 items

Current 1.18 version
+ All 1.18 items (all one of them)

Current 1.17 version
+ All 1.17 items
+ Unknown items show a missing texture instead of messing up the order
+ No longer requires forceloaded chunk

Current 1.16 version
+ All 1.16 items
+ Now uses custom font, preventing potential private use conflicts
+ Item textures use the player's current resource pack
+ Banners and shields show their pattern
+ Custom colored armor, potions, etc. show approximate colors
+ When ender chest previews are enabled, ender chests showing the same preview can stack
+ New settings menu for toggling previews for shulker boxes and ender chests

Current 1.15 version
+ All 1.15 items
+ When Bukkit server is detected, switches to slower but fewer-character lore generation method
+ Detects when Bukkit mangles lore, and adds text to the tooltip notifying you

Current 1.14 version
+ All 1.14 items
+ Option to preview ender chests
+ Optifine compatibility
+ No longer crashes on certain graphics cards
+ Show custom item name in tooltip
+ More accurate durability bars
+ Data pack no longer requires clicking forceload text
+ Default Minecraft tooltip appears for players without the pack

Video release
+ Dropped shulker box items are processed

Initial release (reddit)